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Ecology Search for Lamma Island 2020-21

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Life Jungle wishes everybody a Happy New Year and a prosperous ecology in Lamma Island! There were over 300 observations in the Ecology Search for Lamma Island project and the variety of records are attractive and fascinating. Come and join us to explore and learn about the biodiversity in Lamma Island!

Competition Guide I. Set up a personal account and join the competition project. 1. Sign Up / Log In your account Link: 2. Join the competition project Go to the project page, click on “Join” this Project in the top right hand corner, and follow the steps as prompted. Once you have joined the project, you have successfully joined the competition Link: II. Make an observation. 1. Take photos of your discovery on Lamma Island 2. Upload your photos to iNaturalist a. Adding an observation on a mobile device Tutorial link: b. Adding an observation via the Web to upload a large number of observation records at once Tutorial link:

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