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About us


We are Life Jungle!

“Life” represents the life of different life forms on earth, whereas “Jungle” represents the tropical forest in which trees and plants grow,  and forms the essential element of the earth. 

With the name of Life Jungle, we wish to bring awareness of Biodiversity in Lamma Island, as well as increase the knowledge of conservation.

We believe that “experiential learning” is the most effective way to help people exploring their own strengths when learning new things. 

The core concept of “experiential learning” includes:
1. Learn from the experience and self-reflection
2. Emphasize the relationship of great nature, yourself and your peers
3. Achieve personal growth
4. Make use of great nature for individual cure and development


Our Mission

Through experiential learning to motivate public awareness of conservation, 
build up sense of responsibility to Nature, 
and learn to cherish and appreciate our LIFE.

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