• "Upcycle" Christmas Shell Painting Workshop
    Multiple Dates
    Sat, 03 Dec
    Sok Kwu Wan , Lamma Island
    03 Dec, 14:30 – 16:00
    Sok Kwu Wan , Lamma Island
    Shells are like our fingerprints, each one so unique. What others consider rubbish can be a canvas. Think about our choices to reduce material waste, and consider giving these shells a new life - ideas for a unique Christmas gift for a friend or an ornament for your tree.
ECF: Ocean conservation - Lamma Island 2021

Targeting students in the southern district, and the fishermen in the Lamma island, 
we hope to spread the message of cutting down waste from the source,
and the philosophy behind ocean conservation. 

*​Subvented by ECF & ECC

Ocean Cleaning

Environmental talk

Know more about ocean trash

Is the problem of ocean garbage really that serious? Lets listen to what the scuba diver has to say...

*​Subvented by the ECF & ECC


Thank you for your participation!

*​Subvented by the ECF & ECC

The most lethal ocean trash?

*​Subvented by the ECF & ECC

Ocean Current &
OCean garbage

*​Subvented by the ECF & ECC

Ghost net & fisherman

*​Subvented by the ECF & ECC

ocean garbage & fisherman

*​Subvented by the ECF & ECC

Estuary Ecology Lamma Island 2020-21

Through different trainings, workshops, public guided tours and biodiversity exhibitions,
we will introduce the biodiversity of the estuary of Lamma Island.

*​Subvented by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation

Sok Kwu Wan Mural Art 2021

With mural paintings, we hope to give colour to Sok Kwu Wan, which reminiscence Hong Kong's olden days as a fish port. Attract more visitors and hikers, and, therefore, vitalize the economy of local shops.