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Environmental Tour - O.PARK 1

Officially entering the summer vacation, on July 12, the first stop of the environmental tour organized by the Life Jungle Association led everyone to visit O.PARK 1.

After visiting O.PARK 1, the participants learned what food waste is, and realized that Hong Kong society throws away about 3,600 tons of food waste every day, which is equivalent to 20,000,000 apples (apple = 182 grams). They also realized how the facility can turn waste into energy, adopting anaerobic digestion and composting technology to convert source-sorted food waste into biogas and compost, and use biogas to generate electricity.

Through visiting O.PARK 1, we learned more about the possibility of turning waste into energy. At the same time, the association still hopes that participants can reflect on the necessity of reducing food waste and other waste, through waste reduction at the source and promote sustainable development to protect nature and move towards a carbon-free future.

We will bring you more interesting and educational activities later, so stay tuned!

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