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  • Beach Cleaning 2022

    On November 12, the Life Jungle Association and KOREAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE carried out a beach cleaning activity in Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island. On that day, more than hundred of Korean living in Hong Kong came to participate in this meaningful event , we are also very happy and honored to get support from the Korean consulate in Hong Kong, as well as various Korean organizations! We would like to express our deepest appreciation to all!! In just a few hours of beach cleaning, we have collected more than 300 kg of marine debris, most of which are plastic bottles, plastic bottle caps, plastic boxes and styrofoam pellets for daily use. . . We really hope that everyone can do reflection together: Before every consumption, we can think about 2 questions: 1. "Do you need it?" 2. "Do you have it already?" One small step can make big change to the environment. Let’s all help save the ocean!

  • Beach Cleaning

    It's time to clean up the beach! Life Jungle join hands with #HongkongKoreanBusiness Association to conduct beach cleanup activities on Lamma Island, together to contribute to the ocean. Enterprises/educational groups/private groups are welcome to cooperate in activities. If you are interested, please contact us: 5981-5927 Whatsapp: #香港韓人商工會#TheKoreanChamberofCommerceinHongKong#生命叢林#LifeJungle#南丫島#索罟灣#海岸清潔#沙灘清潔#淨灘#環境保育#海洋保育

  • Ecology Search for Lamma Island 2020-21

    Life Jungle wishes everybody a Happy New Year and a prosperous ecology in Lamma Island! There were over 300 observations in the Ecology Search for Lamma Island project and the variety of records are attractive and fascinating. Come and join us to explore and learn about the biodiversity in Lamma Island! Competition Guide I. Set up a personal account and join the competition project. 1. Sign Up / Log In your account Link: 2. Join the competition project Go to the project page, click on “Join” this Project in the top right hand corner, and follow the steps as prompted. Once you have joined the project, you have successfully joined the competition Link: II. Make an observation. 1. Take photos of your discovery on Lamma Island 2. Upload your photos to iNaturalist a. Adding an observation on a mobile device Tutorial link: b. Adding an observation via the Web to upload a large number of observation records at once Tutorial link:

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  • Lamma Island | Life Jungle | Hong Kong

    Lamma Island The backyard of Hong Kong. With a rich biodiversity and cultural heritage. Located 3km off the south west coast of Hong Kong Island, Lamma Island is the third largest island in Hong Kong. It has an approximated population of 7000 people, of which the vast majority live in Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan. With the low-density of village housing, Lamma Island has preserved a large portion of natural habitat which is a home to a rich variety of wildlife. Know more Ecology Culture History ecology The number of species found in Lamma Island covers 2/3 of the total species number of Hong Kong. 384 species 276 species 120 species MORE Map of Lamma Sok kwu wan eco-map Species of Lamma culture Lamma Island is the only place in Hong Kong that preserved the history of fishery industry and local fisherfolk culture. Dedicated to the protector of Fishermen, Tin Hau Temple was constructed at Sok Kwu Wan village in the 18th centry. History The first trace of human habitation can be dated back to the Bronze Age, with historical relics as evidences. In the 1960s, the piers in Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan were contructed and the tourism starts to flourish ever since. did you know? The name Lamma Island is named because of its location and shape of the island. "Lam" means south and "a" means fork in Cantonese.

  • 生命叢林 | Life Jungle | Lamma Island | Hong Kong

    Life jungle Conserve the Lamma Island WHO WE ARE What we do Conservation Biodiversity Upcycling Art & Culture Conserve our environment SUPPORT US

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