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  • Respect, Love and Care for the Elderly – A Warm New Year 2023

    Thanks to the enthusiastic support of the general public, the【Respect, Love and Care for the Elderly – A Warm New Year】held by Life Jungle Association on January 15 has been successfully concluded. Over a hundred of elders benefited from this event. The blessing bag helps the elders enjoy the Lunar New Year, and at the same time enables them to feel the care of the public and bring them a little warmth in the cold winter . This event was generously sponsored by Lamma Rainbow, King's Flair International Holdings Limited, The Korean Chamber of Commerce in HK, Yvonne Lui Trust Foundation, YuM Seafood, MacroFoods, Hong Kong Electric, and volunteers from all walks of life, which made the event complete. I would like to thank you again All parties support. In the past, we has been committed to environmental protection and Lamma Island community service. In the new year, we will continue to serve the community and increase the knowledge of conservation. The Lunar New Year is approaching, and we wish you all the best of luck and prosperity.

  • Beach Cleaning 2022

    On November 12, the Life Jungle Association and KOREAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE carried out a beach cleaning activity in Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island. On that day, more than hundred of Korean living in Hong Kong came to participate in this meaningful event , we are also very happy and honored to get support from the Korean consulate in Hong Kong, as well as various Korean organizations! We would like to express our deepest appreciation to all!! In just a few hours of beach cleaning, we have collected more than 300 kg of marine debris, most of which are plastic bottles, plastic bottle caps, plastic boxes and styrofoam pellets for daily use. . . We really hope that everyone can do reflection together: Before every consumption, we can think about 2 questions: 1. "Do you need it?" 2. "Do you have it already?" One small step can make big change to the environment. Let’s all help save the ocean!

  • Beach Cleaning

    It's time to clean up the beach! Life Jungle join hands with #HongkongKoreanBusiness Association to conduct beach cleanup activities on Lamma Island, together to contribute to the ocean. Enterprises/educational groups/private groups are welcome to cooperate in activities. If you are interested, please contact us: 5981-5927 Whatsapp: #香港韓人商工會#TheKoreanChamberofCommerceinHongKong#生命叢林#LifeJungle#南丫島#索罟灣#海岸清潔#沙灘清潔#淨灘#環境保育#海洋保育

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  • Contact | Life Jungle | Hong Kong

    Who We Are Lamma Island Our Work Events News Support Us More Contact CONNECT WITH US TODAY + 852 5981 5927 + 852 5981 5927 4 Chung Mei Village, Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong ​ Unit 1707 Hing Wai Centre, 7 Tin Wan Praya Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Who We Are | Life Jungle | Hong Kong

    About us We are Life Jungle! “Life” represents the life of different life forms on earth, whereas “Jungle” represents the tropical forest in which trees and plants grow, and forms the essential element of the earth. ​ Life Jungle Association is committed to serving the community especially the elderly and families in need, and actively promotes social services and ecological and cultural conservation activities. The organization hopes to raise awareness on environmental and marine conservation and cultural heritage through experiential educational activities, social participation, and technological research and development. SUPPORT US TODAY Our Mission Combining life with nature to achieve sustainable social development, and cherishing and loving life are the messages that “Life Jungle” hopes to promote.

  • 生命叢林 | Life Jungle | Lamma Island | Hong Kong

    Life jungle Conserve the Lamma Island WHO WE ARE What we do Fishery development Conservation Children and Youth Services Elderly Services Conserve our environment SUPPORT US

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